DROP is a theme that features a top page that can be used as a website or as a stylish LP. The top page is equipped with TCD’s original content builder, allowing you to create pages in a smart way.

DROP offers a wide variety of content that is highly versatile. You can freely combine all of the following contents in the top page.

Of course you don’t have to use all of them, you can create your own original top page using only the content you need for your site.

Free space

You can use the regular editor (the editor used in the article editing screen) to create your original content using HTML, or you can use a plugin to set up a contact form.

You can either create your own content using HTML, or you can use a plugin to set up a contact form. At the very least, you might want to set up a form to enter your name and email address. The following example is a free space on a landing page, and at the bottom you can add “Contact Form 7 ” at the bottom. This gives us a chance to get the information of potential customers. DROP can be placed on the top page as well.

Look at the page where the contact form is installed

Image Carousel

This is an image carousel with pre-designed margins to the headline and description. It displays beautifully responsive even on a smartphone.

Top Carousel Slider

Design Content

This content is a combination of image area and text area. Each can be layered with a layered image and can be animated. Layered images (the illustration part in the demo site) overlaid on the text area can be animated with a floating effect. The layered images (the illustration part in the demo site) overlaid on the text area can be animated with a floating effect to add movement. This specification can add a slightly relaxing essence to simple design content.

Chart Content

This is one of the unique contents of DROP, a feature that allows you to easily create a graph that blends in with your site with a smart design when you enter numerical values. By displaying it on the top page, users who visit the site can intuitively grasp the data, so it is a good idea to set up a breakdown of the number of members and the popularity of the service.

For more information about the chart content specification, please see this article

Box contents

This content can be placed horizontally with a maximum of three items. In the demo site, the maximum of three are displayed and used as a lead-in to the plan page at the bottom of the site.

This box content is designed to adjust its width to the width of the screen even if there are only one or two boxes, so even if you have four or five plans, you can set up a beautiful layout by arranging the box content in two rows.

For two box contents

Banners content

This is a banner content that is displayed at 100% width. The most important feature is the gradient overlay function and the ability to implement parallax effects as desired.

Banner Content

For more information, please see the respective articles below.

List of Interviews

You can display articles of the custom post type “Interview” on the top page, which can be categorized. Even a few interviews with actual customers or product users have the power to alleviate users’ concerns and anxieties.

Interview Contents

Review List

Here is a block that can display “Reviews”, a custom post type that can only display text. Even though the aforementioned interview is a hurdle, text-only feedback is often received from customers.

Review Content

You can appeal to users by appealing to their opinions from a customer’s perspective.

Frequently Asked Questions List

The smart foldable accordion-style design works well with small smartphone screens and does not interfere with usability.

FAQ Contents

You can solve frequently asked questions at the top page, and You can also set images and videos in the answer column, so you can use it to visually appeal the operation feeling.

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