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This is a free space. The image below is from the “Add Media” section, so you can add gif animations, videos, etc.

In Free Space, you can also use the Quick Tag feature, which allows you to place callouts on the page and change the number of columns. In addition, The top and bottom gaps of free space can be adjusted by entering numerical values, so fine-tuning the layout is intuitive. Since you can set the PC and mobile settings separately, you can also solve the problem of large open spaces in smartphone environments. This is the content we’ve created in FreeSpace so far. Below is an example of using the chart content.

Number of members in 2020

Layered Image Content Sample

This sample shows a layered image on the right. You can also apply an overlay to the background or set a blur effect. In this example, the background image is black with a 0.5 transparency overlay, and no blur effect is applied.

Here you can display the description for mobile size. If it is not entered, the same one as for PC will be displayed. The position of the layered image and the height of the content on mobile can be fine-tuned.

Four types of charts

You can also choose from two chart sizes, so you can adjust the size according to the content width of your landing page. The chart below is a “bar graph (horizontal) type” and is displayed in a large size. For more information on the types of charts that can be displayed and detailed specifications, please see this article

Popular music genres

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This is also a free space, and HTML can be entered, so you can freely create contents from scratch. This is just a sample, so please prepare your own mail form. This sample is created using the “Contact Form 7” plugin.