Create with this Free Space

This is a free space. The image below is from the “Add Media” section, so you can add gif animations, videos, etc.

On this page, only the global menu and breadcrumb list are kept private. You can also hide the header, footer, footer CTA, scroll buttons, etc. as you wish, so you can easily create a landing page with your favorite design.

Also, the text here is written using free space, which can be entered in HTML. In the free space, you can also use the quick tag function, which will help you create your own original landing page.

Number of members in 2020

You can display only one chart as shown above, but you can also display two side-by-side, or automatically generate a table at the bottom. It is a highly versatile content that can be used in different ways depending on the situation.
Check the example of two in a row

Four Types of Charts

You can choose from two chart sizes, so you can adjust the size according to the content width of your landing page. The chart below is a “bar chart (horizontal) type” and is displayed in normal size. In LP Sample B, it is displayed in a larger size. For more information on the types of charts that can be displayed and detailed specifications, please see this article

Popular music genres

The bar graph (horizontal) type as shown above can be used to compare sales by product category or the percentage of members by age. Of course, you can freely change the color, width of the chart, and units, so please use it according to the data you want to show.