DROP’s page template “Landing Page” is a page template that can be used for creating ABOUT pages, landing pages, etc. You can utilize the following highly versatile contents that can be used within the page.

  • Free space
  • Image carousel
  • Design contents
  • Chart contents
  • Banner content
  • Layered image content

Basically, you can use the same set of contents that can be used in DROP’s top page content builder in pages. Please see the following article for more information about the contents that can be used in the top page.

However, since pages are also intended to be used to create independent landing pages, it is possible to set , button design, etc. can be set individually. On the other hand, on the top page, most of the settings you make in the theme options are reflected in the same way.

Also, the design and specification of the image carousel available on pages is a little different from the top page.
It is designed to display a caption for each sliding image, so you can describe the features of your product or service. In the demo site, it is used on the ABOUT page.

Look at the ABOUT page

Top page has a visual image The image carousel in the page is used to promote the product’s characteristic specifications in a more concrete manner. The ABOUT page of the demo site is designed to look like a music application, so we supplemented it with captions about the equalizer function and shuffle play function.

As for the banner content, there are three types of designs available for the lower level pages. You can choose the one you prefer according to the width and design as shown below.

Another feature that is not included on the top page is the Layered Image Content This content is highly versatile and is a standard feature of LP templates (not implemented in some themes). In the demo site, you can see it in the middle of this page

As shown in the page above, it is possible to overlay product images to create a powerful appeal. The following detailed settings are provided to allow you to fine-tune the position of layered images, text, and the height of content in smartphone environments. Please try viewing the layered image content on the demo site on your phone.

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