This is the app that I wanna continue to use.
This free plan is good enough.

Mr. V.21 years old, student

How do you feel when you actually use the application?

I am on the free plan, so there are some limitations compared to the paid plan, but I am able to use it without much inconvenience. My friends are also on the free plan, and since we both use the same app, we can share music easily and have great conversations.

What music genres do you like?

I often listen to J-Pop ballads. I didn’t know many old songs, but I started listening to them because they were shown in the recommendations when I was using this app, and recently I’ve been listening to a lot of ballads from the 1990s.

When do you listen to music?

I listen to it when I am relaxing at home. I tend to listen to it when I want to relax, such as when reading or before going to bed. There is a playlist dedicated to ballads available, so I choose and play music according to my mood.

How did you find out about this app?

I found out about it from an advertisement in the train I always ride. The app I was originally using was shutting down, and I was wondering what to do when I saw the ad and downloaded it. I’m glad I found it.

What is the best thing about the app?

The number of songs is abundant. Also, since you can listen to a lot of songs regardless of age, it has become an indispensable source of conversation with my parents.

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