I like to spend time sharing playlists
with friends and talking about music.

Ms. S.19 years old, student

How do you feel when you actually use the application?

I listen to music all the time, so I think it’s very attractive that I can listen to it without any problems even in places where there is no signal. There are a lot of songs and artists to choose from, so there are a lot of new songs to encounter.

What kind of music genres do you like?

J-pop is my favorite, and I often listen to popular music. I like ballads, so I tend to listen to one song I like on repeat. When I like a song, I share it with my friends in a playlist.

When do you listen to music?

Since I found this app that allows unlimited streaming, I listen to music whenever I am awake. I can listen to music while I’m on the move without worrying about communication limits, which is very helpful.

How did you find out about this app?

It was word-of-mouth from a friend, and I heard that I could try it out for free for a month, so I gave it a try at first, but once I used it, I couldn’t stop, and I’ve been using it ever since.

What do you recommend most about the app?

The ability to share playlists with friends. We can share our playlists with each other. We can tell each other what songs are popular and what songs we like, and we can spend more time talking about music, which makes us love music more.

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