We interviewed users of our app about the appeal of the app,
their usage, and their satisfaction with the plan.


We have collected reviews from users who have been using DROP.
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Since it can be used on both smartphones and computers, it is great to be able to use it anywhere, such as playing it in your room to accompany your web surfing, or listening to it in the kitchen while doing housework.

Ms. O, 30, housewife

DROP has a wide variety of music, such as classical and café music, which I don’t find in other services, and I use it every day.

Mr. S, 40, office worker

The extensive playlists for each genre are very useful. It’s great to listen to trending songs in the latest hit lists of all genres.

Mr. Y, 23, office worker

I was surprised to find out that there is a free period of three months. I like that I can take my time to see if the service is right for me in terms of the number of songs, genres, and operation methods.

Mr. K, 50, office worker

It’s great that the app is so easy to use, not to mention the wide variety of music regardless of genre or age. Even if you are a first timer, you can operate it without hesitation and use it without stress.

Ms. U, 24, student

I love the shuffle play function. I love the shuffle play feature. It’s a fun way to find songs from genres and artists that I don’t usually listen to, and it broadens my interests.

Mr. T, 17, student

I use a paid plan with no ads. Even the top plan is quite affordable for students only, which helps me a lot.

Ms. M, 22, student

There are a lot of other music streaming services that have a good selection of Western music, but I don’t think there’s any service that offers such a wide range of Japanese music!

Ms. N, 30, office worker