We have released DROP, a theme that is ideal for creating landing pages (LP) for products. The theme has a stylish design that is reminiscent of a music streaming app, giving it a progressive feel.

The main features of this theme are the beautiful gradient overlays that can be applied everywhere and the ability to easily create charts that allow you to intuitively grasp data.

A landing page should convey the entire picture of a product on a single page.

“What benefits will the user get?”
“How do users feel about it?”
“Is it free to try?”

By effectively promoting the above information, you can increase the likelihood of closing the deal.

DROP allows you to display all of this information beautifully on a single page. You can display word-of-mouth, the number of members, and data about products in charts (graphs), so you can appeal to users with data they can understand. It is a great way to show off data that will convince users.

If you also display a ” FAQ” content, it is easy to resolve concerns and close the deal within one page. In addition to such functional beauty from a marketing perspective, the advanced design with beautiful gradients as the main feature will captivate users.

“DROP” has all the functions to appeal to users’ needs from every angle, so you can create a cool LP. Various gimmicks will be introduced in this demo site.

Music Moves Your Soul

We're offering a 30-day free trial of the same service as our paid plan right now!

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