DROP offers a wide variety of custom projection types, but the most distinctive feature of DROP is the ability to easily create stylish graphs in various locations. The most distinctive feature is the ability to easily create stylish graphs in various places.

When selling products and services on the Internet, customers often want objective data. Because it is easier to compare with other companies than with physical stores, and because you cannot see their faces, users are wary.

What kind of reviews are there?
What kind of users are there?
How does it compare to other services?

DROP is a theme that not only makes it easy to create such content, but also provides overlay gradients on images and new parallax effects that give it a very stylish finish. You can find a summary of DROP’s features on this page.

DROP’s top page that can be used as a single LP

The DROP top page content builder is rich in content and can be used as a single LP.

We have prepared a “Top Page Menu” in the “Appearance” menu.
The top-page-only menu provides in-page links for smooth scrolling within a single page. The menu dedicated to the top page can set in-page links for smooth scrolling within one page.

This feature is not available in our demo site, but it can be useful if you have an application form at the bottom of the top page, or if you want to use the top page as an LP. Please refer to the following article for the contents that can be set on the top page.

Top page that can be freely set with stylish and practical contents

Basic settings of DROP are easy to use

The settings that are initially set or reflected on the entire site are now easier to use. It is possible to set them all at once, so you can set them smoothly without disrupting the consistency of the entire site.

Smart setting items that allow you to set the design of all parts of the site at once
Quick tag button updated to more user-friendly specifications

Marketing features of DROP

DROP’s features such as charting and the ability to remove user anxiety with online services can be found in the following articles. It is a theme with a wide variety of custom post types.

Charting feature that allows you to display graphs to visually showcase your data
Perfect for frequently asked questions! A custom post type “FAQ” that allows you to place images and sort them in one touch
“Reviews” custom post type to appeal to customers who are considering purchasing by displaying reviews
“Interview” custom post type to promote reviews with images and free leads
Landing Page, a page template that allows you to smoothly create a wide range of pages
Advanced in-post CTA feature with minor changes in DROP
Stylish footer CTA function that can be fine-tuned from two different designs

DROP’s design features

It has a stylish and advanced design. You can set up gradients and new parallax effects in various places.

PC header menu specification with two types to choose from
Gradient function that colors various areas with a sophisticated impression
Parallax effect that evolved into smoother and more pleasant movement
A 404 page that can also be set up with gradients, so that even in case of an error, it won’t give a bad impression.

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