Businesses on the Internet are far more vigilant than physical stores. When you buy something on the Internet, don’t you also carefully check whether the site or company is safe or not?

DROP’s FAQ content can be used to alleviate such customer concerns. You can easily create easy-to-read FAQ contents with the accordion (open/close) layout.

FAQ page sample

It is easy to create, just register the question in the title and the answer in the body of a regular post. You can also use the normal editor to enter the body text, so you can place links in the answers, as well as images and videos.

In addition to a simple FAQ, you can also set up a tutorial video on commonly used operations or how to cancel a membership, which will give users a sense of security. In the management screen, you can rearrange the order of the videos by dragging and dropping, so you can easily adjust the order of the videos by putting the most popular questions in the front.

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