Financial Highlights

This page shows the sales ratio for the last fiscal year and the performance for the last five years.
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Sales ratio (2021)

Music Streaming Service
Web consulting business
External Partner Services
Advertising income

Net sales (million yen)

May 2015 Jun 2016 Jul 2017 Aug 2018 Sep 2019 Oct 2020 Nov 2021
977 1,482 1,970 2,884 3,735 4,042 5,721

Net income (million yen)

May 2015 Jun 2016 Jul 2017 Aug 2018 Sep 2019 Oct 2020 Nov 2021
135 215 225 600 843 803 1,129

Company History


April Started operating as a sole proprietorship
May Established DROP Corporation
June Released the beta version of the streaming service. Gained fans with its design and easy UI.
October Signs a contract with a number of labels, and a wide range of both major and independent music sources become available for listening.


March DROP e-newsletter membership surpasses 1 million
May Opened “DROP Artwork”, a free and easy way to create original artwork for your playlists
August The number of songs distributed surpasses 50 million.
October We will launch a music sommelier service for premium members only.


February Established a web consulting division.
November Annual sales surpassed 1 billion yen


January Newsletter membership surpasses 10 million
April DROP official website launched
October Annual sales surpassed 3 billion yen

About Us

Company name DROP Corporation
Establishment May 16, 2010
Capital 727,230,555 yen
Number of employees 200 employees
Board members Representative Director Taichi Kunimi
Senior Managing Director Naoto Fukushima
Executive Officer, CTO Kazuma Hyodo
Executive Officer CAO Chikara Hanazono
Executive Officer COO Ryota Nishida
Outside Director Kazue Ohguro
Outside Director Takumi Hanada
Outside Director Kotaro Mikuni
Outside Director Kyoko Momoyama
Major Shareholders Taichi Kunimi
Individual Investor
Capital Japon Co.
TCD Corporation
Business Description Music Streaming Business
Web Consulting Business
Application and System Development Business