The chart content everywhere that stands out in DROP is a feature implemented to visually appeal to the data.

In the demo site, it is displayed not only on the top page, but also on the LP and lower level pages. All of them are easy to create by simply entering numerical values

A total of four types of graphs (charts) can be displayed.

<Donut Graph>
Donut Graph Sample
<line graph>
Line Chart Sample
<bar graph (vertical)>
Bar Chart (Vertical) Sample
<bar graph (horizontal)>
Sample Bar Chart (Horizontal)

The above chart types can be changed at any time with a single touch, and the color of each part can be changed as desired. You can also change the color of the graph in the middle of the chart, such as this page in the middle, and display a description below the graph.

This can also be used to separate data by category.

In addition, to help you create sales trends in line graphs, the Function to display numerical values as a table It can be used for pages that simply display business results, such as the following page.

Company Profile Page

There is no need to create a table, and the table will be automatically displayed under the graph in conjunction with the numerical values in the chart. This is where you can get the exact numbers. You can use the chart to appeal intuitively and the table to appeal with accurate numbers.

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