A 404 page is a page you don’t want to see if possible, but it’s a good idea to have a clean background image and helpful wording set up just in case.

Many cases may be due to broken links, but even for sites with great design, 404 error pages can be plain. The scene feels so bleak that it creates the illusion of a sudden slap in the face of reality.

We always check for broken links, so it’s okay… It’s too early to think that. This is because broken links are not always the reason why a page cannot be displayed.

In DROP, you can create a 404 page with the following configuration items.

  • Catchphrase (e.g. 404 Not Found)
  • Description
  • Background image
  • Color settings to be overlaid on the image (transparency can be adjusted)
  • Gradient setting over the image

Here is an example of the demo site. You can also set the gradient in DROP to make the 404 page more stylish.
404 page sample

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