Japanese Pride
the Height of the Ginjo

Blessed Fertile Land
the Gift From Mother Nature

Toji and Kurabito Brew with Tradition

A quiet time to rest from hustle and bustle.
Mellow ingredients and the blessings of nature.
Based on our great traditional method, we put our soul into it.
The sake that pursues the aesthetics of subtraction.
We'll show you their richness with all our heart.

Develop a Tradition
Inspire the Sake Brewing

The Tradition from Ancient Times

This is a pure rice brew without any alcohol addition. The whole process is a serious challenge. It is a brand created by the highest quality sake rice and traditional techniques.

Blessing of Ear of Rice

The scent of rice that comes from blessed nature. A special sake made with the finest ingredients and traditional techniques. This is one that shows the character of the maker.

A Drip from Great Nature

In the search for the best sake, we pay close attention to the selection of ingredients. This is a masterpiece made from the soft spring water that springs from deep in the mountains.